About Us

LVGI offers shareholders a unique opportunity to own a diverse group of leading small and medium businesses that are profitable and have excellent opportunities for growth. We own controlling interests in our subsidiary businesses, which maximizes our operating flexibility and drives long-term value creation. 



LVGI is a business builder, not an asset trader. Our permanent capital structure provides a competitive advantage, enabling us to be more patient in how we acquire, actively manage and opportunistically divest leading small medium businesses.

With no set timeline to deploy capital or harvest investments, LVGI is committed to making the right decisions to drive long-term value for our subsidiaries and shareholders.


Our permanent capitalization structure provides us with unmatched financial flexibility to be opportunistic and disciplined about our investments. The potential for extended ownership enables our collaborative, low leverage approach, which is attractive to management teams and allows subsidiaries to better manage for growth.

At LVGI, we believe the best way to create value is through an alignment of interests and long-term partnership approach. We work closely with management teams to leverage our deep sector expertise, operational experience and global resources to accelerate our subsidiaries’ growth.

We maintain a strong internal culture of accountability and governance and deliver the highest level of transparency through quarterly financial reporting across our portfolio.



As the CEO of LVGI, I provide help with corporate funding (by working closely traditional funding methods or through private equity funding) as well as work closely with professional services firms such as lawyers and insolvency practitioners. I assist with post-merger- integration management. As a result of my experience as a Turnaround Specialist, I have become a one-stop-shop that has:

  • Raised millions of dollars for public companies using debt and/or equity
  • Assisted several of those companies to become publicly traded
  • Managed Trading Markets through broker interactions, political networking, writing press releases and presiding over shareholder meetings.
  • Created companies and subsidiary companies to carry out the objective of the parent company
  • or incorporation visions.
  • Consulted with many companies to increase their values.



Founder of JOOC Funding. Helping businesses package their concepts and present them to resources that can fund them.

Founded, launched, and managed e-waste collection business; franchised 3 locations with annual revenue of over $1M. – Ease E-Waste, Inc.

I have proven experience taking business concepts and developing strategic growth plans to help them achieve quantifiable results. As a startup consultant, I learned the lean startup techniques that are crucial to helping struggling businesses achieve maximum results with minimal resources.   Now that I am the COO of LVGI, I am using my years of knowledge and business acumen to find the right companies to acquire and to apply my skill set to help them achieve the audacious goals we set for each other.