TULSA, Okla., March 16, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Limitless Venture Group, Inc. (PINK OTC: LVGI) today announces their Tier 1 Reg A offering has been deemed qualified by the SEC. This offering gives LVGI the ability to raise up to 1.5 million dollars.

"This is the key piece of the puzzle that will now allow LVGI to raise the necessary capital to close on its current majority interest acquisition targets, expand these companies through adding additional lines of products and extensive marketing programs,  locate and negotiate additional acquisitions and to bring price appreciation and shareholder value to LVGI", states CEO Joseph Francella.

The LVGI management team has now determined that the best and fastest way to generate revenues and profits, and to create true shareholder value, will be to acquire majority interests in companies that already have a strong and proven management team along with revenues and profits or the potential to generate profits in the near term. LVGI will inject capital into these companies to expand their marketing reach, create new and exciting products and piggyback its' CBD products into their existing markets.  To that end, and as previously detailed, LVGI currently has identified, and has diligently been negotiating with, an acquisition of majority interest in 2 companies. These companies have combined annual revenues of around 2 million dollars.

"This is the beginning of a new phase of business for LVGI which will bring about the biggest and fastest changes to our company in its history, and bring us to historical revenues quickly as well," states COO Devon Diaz.

Additionally and most importantly, LVGI has a working relationship with a Brokerage Firm, Craft Capital Management LLC, to raise the necessary capital to close those acquisitions and expand LVGI.

For more info please visit: and then go to their investment banking page to review all 4 pages of the companies they have successfully raised capital for:

About KetoSports, Inc.

The KetoSports mission started in 2012 when it released the first ketone product, KetoForce, to the US marketplace. Since then KetoSports, and the keto market, have grown tremendously. But KetoSports hasn’t lost sight of why and how it started. KetoSports grew out of the need to help people who could therapeutically benefit from ketones, but soon realized how many benefits these products provide to even the Average Joe or Jane who has chosen to diet, be active or be more conscious about their overall wellbeing. For those reasons KetoSports quickly grew from a single breakthrough product to a full line of products that support diet, active lifestyle and therapeutic use through superior science. With a focus on markets outside of the keto diet alone, KetoSports has seen applications of these products abound, making KetoSports synonymous with effective energy and health supplementation, not just diet support.

“We are very excited about our partnership with LVGI and its related brands. This partnership will create a union poised to fully develop in the Keto marketplace, shorten the time to development of new product offerings and leverage existing sales channels. We look forward to re-emerging KetoSports as a market leader and multi-million dollar organization,” explained Savitri Boodram Jones, CEO of KetoSports.

For more information please visit: 

About Rokin Inc. 

Rokin was founded in 2016 with a mission to provide our customers with the highest quality, technology driven vaping products available while providing exceptional customer service.  Rokin Vapes are rigorously tested by Rokin and multiple consumer focus groups to ensure the products meet strict quality standards before any production takes place.  After a product is selected and production complete, the product is certified to the latest FCC, CE standards (which are required for all vaping products)  but then Rokin goes above and beyond to certify our vaping products to the latest RoHS standard, which restricts the use of 6 hazardous materials commonly found in electronic products. 

“With sales steadily increasing, despite the concerns in the vape market, we are very excited to begin our partnership with LVGI.  Having access to the high quality CBD products through LVGI as well as financial support will allow us to expand quickly as our current vape retailers have been begging us to supply 3rd party, independently tested all natural CBD products for their customers,” stated Daryl Bauer, CEO of Rokin.