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What Stock Terms Tulsa Should I Know?

It is very important that people new to the Stock Market understand the lingo or Stock Terms Tulsa used by traders and the Market itself. Having a good understanding of the lingo and the Stock Terms Tulsa will help people in Oklahoma and throughout the United States to be wise investors. Stock Terms Tulsa

The Market

The first STOCK TERMS TULSA for potential investors to understand have to do with the Stock Market itself. Companies are offered on various Stock Exchanges such as the New York Stock Exchange and the NASDAQ under their “stock symbol,” a 1 to 3 letter symbol that represents their company. Each day the stock is given a “quote”  or information about the stock trading price. A “Bull Market” means that based on conditions, experts predict that the stock prices will continue to increase while a “Bear Market,” means that stock prices are predicted to fall. 

Buying and Selling

In Stock Terms Tulsa there are several terms used for “trading” or buying and selling stock. When you “buy” stock you are actually buying shares or position in the company. When you “sell” stock you are getting rid of the shares you have purchased. When someone is “bidding” they are telling you what they are willing to pay for a share and the “ask” is what investors looking to sell are asking for their shares. Traders put in a “limit order” that provides instruction to sell at or above the asking price and to buy at or below the bid price.  The “trading volume” means how many shares of a specific stock are being bought or sold each day which directly impacts the “liquidity” of the stock, or how easy it is to get in and out of. 

Many investors who are interested in Stock Terms Tulsa are always hoping for the market in general or a specific to stock to increase rapidly or  “rally.” Other investors are hoping and betting that a company’s stock price will increase so they can buy for a low price and sell for a high price. This is called “going long.” 

There are other Stock Term Tulsa that potential investors have often heard of, but are unsure exactly what they mean. Examples of these terms are “broker,” a person who buys or sells an investment for a fee, a “day trader,” someone who buys and sells the same stocks within one market day, and “hedge funds or mutual funds,” which are investment accounts that you can buy into that invest your money for you in a wide variety of stocks. These hedge funds or mutual funds can be part of your “portfolio,” or your overall collection of investment.


The Stock Market can be very confusing for many people. One of the most confusing parts is learning the lingo or the STOCK TERMS TULSA that is used by the Stock Market and the investors. Taking time to truly understand the Stock Terms Tulsa will help you make wise financial decisions and will allow you to invest in the Stock Market like more experienced investors. Learning and familiarizing yourself with the commonly used Stock Terms Tulsa will be a huge benefit and will hopefully result in a greater “yield,” or return on your investment.