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Investing Tulsa

Calling all investors and stock market gurus! We have two things to discuss regarding Investing Tulsa. One is to tell you about LVGI, and the other is to ask you for your guidance. Investing Tulsa

There are so many investment opportunities around every corner, but how does one know who to invest in? Tulsa is on a high rise and many people are jumping on the Investing Tulsa train. Of course, you can always put your money in a national bubble, but why not invest your money in a city that is innovating and could use your help to continue growing.

Well, let us give you some information.

Limitless Venture Group Inc.

LVGI is a publicly traded company that is part of the hemp industry in Tulsa and Oklahoma. You heard us right. This could be your perfect Investing Tulsa opportunity. Beneath LVGI, you have Summit Harbor Holdings that is a holding firm acquiring and managing new businesses that support the hemp industry.

GOCo. Marketing

Beneath SHHI, you have companies like GOCo., a marketing company for the green health science industry. A marketing company that focuses on working with companies that represent the green industry, and more specifically, the hemp and cannabis market.

BooBeary Products

Another company is BooBeary Products founded by former NFL player Boo Williams. This company offers CBD line of products for health and wellness. While Boo lives in Florida, the home base of this company is in Tulsa and Boo is often here visiting with business owners and dropping off his samples at dispensaries.

New Horizon Farms

Another company under SHHI is New Horizon Farms. This is a company that hires farmers to farm hemp and build greenhouses. New Horizon Farms is one of the main farming operations making hemp possible for Oklahoma and provides new Investing Tulsa opportunities.

United States of Hemp

Another platform under SHHI is a podcast and educational platform called United States of Hemp. This is a platform that seeks to inform people about the history, present, and future of hemp. More than just a podcast, United States of Hemp plans to grow their educational platform in a multitude of ways.

These are only a few companies connected to the hemp industry under the publicly traded queen company LVGI, and this is why you should consider LVGI for Investing Tulsa.

Now, we would like to hear from you about Investing Tulsa. Please share with us any information you know about companies in the hemp industry found in Tulsa that could be a great opportunity for Investing Tulsa.