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Future Investing Oklahoma

The future of Oklahoma is bright and that means Future Investing Oklahoma opportunities are bright too. According to Best Places, Oklahoma is experiencing major job growth, especially Tulsa. In the last year Tulsa has seen the job market grow by 2.7% and is expecting to grow by 29.5% in the next year. This means that more and more opportunities for Future Investing Oklahoma are on the horizon. Future Investing Oklahoma

If you find yourself ready to invest and loving the innovation happening in Tulsa and Oklahoma, you may be in the perfect position to start investing wisely. Here are some things you need to know about Future Investing Oklahoma:

Holistic Revivals by City Leaders

Outside of the important initiatives to reserve history and culture like restoring neighborhoods and landscapes, city leaders in Tulsa and Oklahoma are in full support of supporting hemp and other environmentally friendly resources. Governor Kevin Stitt is a major part of pushing the 2018 Farm Bill in play and allowing more farmers freedom and accessibility to plant and grow hemp for Future Investing Oklahoma.

What this means is that companies that are building the infrastructure for the hemp industry need help with funding. There are not many companies that are publicly traded in this sector, but LVGI is one of them and you can find us on the OTC markets. 

Big Companies are Coming to Town

Companies like Google and Amazon have invested into our state. While Google has given a grant of $250,000.00 for their “Google Impact Challenge,” Amazon is planting their own Amazon Fulfillment Center in OKC by the end of 2019 bringing more than 1,700 full-time jobs. While this does not directly impact the hemp industry, it definitely gives more and more reason for people and large companies to invest in this great city, only giving the hemp industry more opportunity to grow and attract proper investors for Future Investing Oklahoma.

A Place Where Startups Thrive

Oklahoma, specifically Tulsa and OKC, have been suggested to be in the top cities for startups and entrepreneurs to plant. Tulsa still has one of the lowest costs for living, labor, and real estate. Because of these things, businesses are popping up like crazy. But the question is, are they the right businesses.

If you have been around Tulsa since the medical marijuana bill passed, you have seen hundreds of dispensaries open. This is obviously due to low costs in startups, and also eager entrepreneurs to get their feet in the water, but there is so much more room for hemp startups and you have an opportunity to get in on this for Future Investing Oklahoma.

Whether you are just learning about investing for the first time or you are an experienced investor, there is plenty of opportunity for Future Investing Oklahoma and the hemp industry may just be the right place to start.